Good and Bad Friends – examples from the Bible


friendship1.giffriendship1.gifI was reading the Youth section in Herald (June 17, 2007) and I’d like to share the following article with all of you. I guess, we all had a share of having true friends that stick with us through thick and thin as well some not-so-true friends. The article gave some examples of men and women from the Bible who are good and bad friends. So, I am reproducing here for you who didn’t managed to get the publication; here it is:

A Good Friend Looks like:-

  • RUTH (Ruth 1:1-22)- ‘who is loyal even when in times of difficulty. When Naomi told Ruth to stay behind, Ruth said these words, “Where you go, I will go, and where you stay i will stay”.’
  • JONATHAN (1 Samuel 20:1-42) -‘ who risks his life for a friend. He helped his friend, David’s life when he heard that his father King Saul wanted to kill him. He told David, “Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it for you.”‘
  • PAUL (1 Corinthians 4:14-6:20) – ‘a great man who helps friends grow in their faith, by encouraging them and being bold enough to correct them.’
  • JESUS – What a friend we have in JESUS!! The epitome of a true friend. ‘Compassionate, encouraging, patient, loyal, understanding, loving’. To be a good friend, let us “clothe” ourselves with the things of God (Colossians 3:12-17)

Now, let’s go to the examples of a bad friend:-

  • Pharaoh’s Cupbearer (Genesis 40:1-23) – Joseph promised him that he would soon be released from prison, but once the cupbearer went out from jail, he forgot all about Josesph. This guy does not show appreciation to his friend.
  • Ahithopel ( 2 Samuel 15:12-17:23) – King David’s betrayer, he befriends an enemy who wanted to overthrow the kingdom. He was also ‘David’s trusted counsellor, but he gives lousy advice and spread rumours about the king’.
  • Judas (Matthew 26:15-17, 25; Luke 22:47-48)- who acts like a friend but puts his own self-interests above everything else.

I really really hope that you could get the publication as the article embodies the essence of what friendship is all about. I thank the author for writing the beautiful article and hopefully, this piece would inspire you as much as it has inspire me.


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  1. Thanks. This has been a great help. I wanted to teach my Sunday School class a lesson on how one’s friends can rub off on them. I have the word FRIENDS printed in square letters and the kids will fill in the letters with a pencil and then rub their hand over the letters to see how a friend can “rub off” on you.

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